Information about how to contact officials and information for where to reach them.

The most effective way to reach your representatives is to call on the phone if the matter is very time-sensitive. The second best way is to write a letter.  The least effective way is to send an e-mail. Always be polite. If you know the number of the bill, do use it.  If not, you say that you are concerned about the current issue---health care, environment, social security, improving roads, education vouchers, etc., etc., etc.

Below is the basic format for sharing your concerns with any elected official.  If you call a state level or national level official you will most likely speak with an aide.  These people are paid to share your concerns with your elected official. You can use this format when calling or writing to an elected official.  Remember to be polite, no matter how concerned you are about the issue.

  • WHO/WHY: My name is [insert your name] and I'm calling because I am concerned about [the bill/budget matter].  I would like [official’s name] to support [the bill/budget matter]. 

  • WHERE: My home town is [insert municipality name] Wisconsin. 

  • THE ASK: Please ask [insert Representative or Senator name] to support this bill.

  • THE STORY: Funding the [subject or bill #123456789] is important to me and my community because the funding makes it possible for.... [the reason it is important to you].

Example in support:  My name is Joe/Jane Doe and I am calling about [subject or Bill#123456789].  I believe this should be passed. I live in [your town], Wisconsin.  Please ask Representative/Senator X to support [subject or Bill #123456789]. This is important to me and my community because the funding makes it possible for . . .[the reason it is important to you]. 

If you are against:  If the bill is one you don’t support, you simply say that you are concerned about the issue and you do not support the Bill. You may want to repeat that you would like the elected official to vote against the bill.   Example:  My name is [your name] and I am calling because I am concerned about [bill/budget matter], and I would like [official’s name] to not support this.  I am from [town], Wisconsin.  Please ask Representative/Senator X to vote against [subject or Bill #123456789].  Voting against this is important because. . . [the reason it is important to you].

To find out what bills are currently being debated try one of these websites:{"source":"legislation"}


LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES—Follow the links for lists of the local office holders.



Glen Flora:







Rusk County Board:



Senator Jerry Petrowski  (R - Marathon)  Senate District 29  Ph: (608) 266-2502


Representative James Edming   (R - Glen Flora)   Assembly District 87 Ph:  (888) 534-0087  or  (608) 266-7506   Email:



• Representative Sean Duffy- 7th Congressional District US –  U.S. House of Representatives, 1208 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515-0001   ph: (888) 995-8279  fax: (202) 225-3240

Wausau office- 208 Grand Ave, Wausau, WI 54403-6217    ph: (715) 298-9344

Superior office-  823 Belknap Street, Suite 225, Superior, WI 54880    ph: (715) 392-3984


•US Senator Ron Johnson – U.S. Senate, 386 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510-0001  ph: (202) 224-5323     fax: (202) 228-6965

Milwaukee office - 517 East Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 408, Milwaukee, WI 53202-4500  ph: (414) 276-7282  fax: (414) 276-7284

Oshkosh office - 219 East Washington Avenue, Suite 100, Oshkosh, WI 549015029  ph: (920) 230-7250  fax: (920) 230-7262


•US Senator Tammy Baldwin – U.S. Senate, yard 1 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, WI 205100001 ph: (202) 224-5653   fax: (202) 224-9787

Madison office - 14 West Mifflin Street, Suite 207, Madison, WI 537032568  ph: (608) 264-5338

Milwaukee office - 310 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 950, Milwaukee, WI 53203   ph: (414) 297-4451

La Crosse office - 205 5th Avenue South, Room 216, La Crosse, WI 54601  ph: (608) 796-0045


  All contact information is correct as of April 4, 2017. Please contact us at if one of these links does not work.