Get a Library Card!

Get a Library Card

Please come to the library if you wish to get a library card.  You will need to bring a current, government issued photo i.d., such as a driver's license. You will also need proof of your current address; a piece of mail delivered by the post office works well. A lease or other document will also work.  If children want a card, a parent must come with them.

Institution card policy          If you are seeking a card for an institution, please read this policy information. 

Institution cards may be issued to the following organizations:

* Governmental agencies & departments     * Hospital departments     * Businesses   * Nursing & group homes  * Religious institutions    *Service organizations * Educational institutions    *Pre-schools and licensed daycare centers    * Professional offices & clinics

Cards will be issued only after receipt of a letter of application on letterhead, from a financially responsible officer of the institution, expressing the institution’s acceptance of responsibility for all fines, fees, and charges, including charges for damaged or lost materials. The letter must also designate a contact person within the organization for handling any library matters.

The same privileges and policies which apply to individual cardholders will also apply to institutional cardholders. The institution assumes responsibility for any library materials checked out on its card. The institution is responsible for ensuring authorized access to its card. The Library will not maintain a list of authorized users for an institution. The institution will notify the Library in the event their library card is lost or stolen.

Institutional cards are not to be used by employees or instructors of an institution for their own personal purpose unrelated to their work or teaching. They are expected to apply for personal cards for those purposes.