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We know you value the services and resources provided by your public library, but just how much are those services worth?

Please enter the number of times you use the following library services each month

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For every $1.00 in taxes you spend on your library, you receive $ of value in return*


*Where did these numbers come from? -- Per capita expenditures were collected from Wisconsin's 2010 Public Library Statistics, compiled by the State Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning (DLTCL). The return on investment is calculated by dividing each library's annual per capita expenditure by 12 (the number of months) to get a monthly per capita expenditure. The formula then divides the total value received each month by the monthly per capita expenditure.

This calculator is an adaptation of projects by the Maine State Library and Library Research Service, a unit of the Colorado State Library and the Colorado Department of Education that is operated in partnership with the Library and Information Science (LIS) Program, Morgridge College of Education, University of Denver.

Welcome to our webpage.

Our newest information is on this homepage. Links for other useful pages are in the green bar across the top, or in the sidebars. If you have questions or comments, please use the “Contact Us” link to send an e-mail. We do check this on a regular basis, but not always daily.

 Did you know that you now can fill out the Holds Authorization Form online?   By completing this form and bringing a print copy to the Library at 418 Corbett Ave W in Ladysmith you can have family, or friends, pick up materials for you.  Also, you can pick up materials for them when they can’t get here.  It is a great way to save time and gasoline!  And you can always change who is authorized, should you want. 


Story times are over until fall. Join us for Summer Reading! 


 is on the MORE catalog. 

All you need is your library card, and a device for the download.  Click this link to try it out:    http://eauclaire.freading.com/index 

Here is a sample of the information at the link for FAQ’s.  http://eauclaire.freading.com/questions/index

Using the Site

How do I get the Freading app on my Kindle Fire?

How do I download Adobe Digital Editions to read my Freading eBooks?  

How long do I have the ebook for?

Can I renew a book?

What is Adobe Digital Editions & how do I use it?

How do I renew a book?

What are tokens?  There is the number in the upper corner of the book cover which tells you how many “tokens” you need to check out the book—these are free to you.

  cover of If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name This book “costs” 2 tokens.   

 Cover of The Mountain WithinThis book “costs” 1 token.

Cover of Border Angels This book “costs” 4 tokens.             

Cover of Warmwater Fly FishingThis book “costs” 4 tokens.    

Tokens are a virtual currency that you use to exchange for downloads.   Your library gives you a weekly allotment which appears in the upper right hand corner of the home page after you login.  When you choose a book, the amount of tokens labeled on the book is deducted from your account.

There are three different token costs of a book, downloads cost 4, 2 or 1 token depending on the value assigned by the publisher.  In most cases newly published books are 4 tokens, then after a time period they drop to 2, and then after another time period they drop to 1.  So in general, the token value is based on how new a book is.  In some cases though, a publisher may have chosen a different criteria such as popularity.

Unused tokens roll over each week for a four week period, a week being defined as a Monday to Sunday period of seven days, beginning at 12:01AM Monday, New York time, and going to midnight on Sunday.  At the end of the fourth week from the time you first logged in, unused tokens are cleaned out of your account, except for your original weekly allotment.  The rolling over process then starts all over again, as a new four week cycle has begun.  Your subscribing library decides the amount of tokens that users will have in their weekly allotment.


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We are on Pinterest, too. Visit our Staff Favorites links for graphic reviews (that is Librarian Speak for “We posted the cover of a book or a movie.”). http://pinterest.com/ladysmithpl/
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2014 Holiday Closures

New Year's Day 

January 1 & 2 

Good Friday 

April 18 

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May 26 

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  • Adult and children’s books, videos, DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks, downloadable books, magazines and newspapers
  • Shared online catalog which makes it possible to review and request materials from six area libraries
  • BadgerLink-Wisconsin’s Connection to the World of Information
  • Internet access
  • Adult, youth and family programming
  • Interlibrary loans of items from other libraries
  • Wireless service within the library
  • Handicapped accessible & low-vision computer workstation
  • Polebenders - Available to children ages 6-14. This program is made possible by the Ladysmith High School Class of '58, who provides and maintains the fishing Poles. Children sign up for a loaner card and they receive a free tackle box that is theirs to keep. They may check out a fishing pole for one week at a time. They must bring in their loaner cards to get a pole, and they are allowed only one tackle box.


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